Corporate relations The success of the business activities of the corporate clients depends on the ongoing legal services of these organizations. Our office conducts a legal analysis of the activities of organizations in order to identify risky activities that may affect the effectiveness and results of the organization For organizations wishing to invest in the Republic of Armenia, our office provides full and detailed information about the legal field and legislation of the Republic of Armenia, trying to find the easiest and shortest ways to enter the legal and commercial field of the Republic of Armenia. Being a part of the Armenian legal society, we are among the first to be informed about possible legal reforms that may have a positive or negative impact on economic entities. The implementation of entrepreneurial activities and the conclusion of transactions is associated with risk. Therefore, prior to starting a business or concluding transactions, our lawyers conduct a comprehensive and in-depth study and analysis of the legal field for our clients from the point of view of the expediency of engaging in entrepreneurial activity or concluding a transaction. Guided by the interests of our clients, we present to our clients the current state of legal regulation (legal field): · offer several options for solving the tasks assigned to clients; · present possible legal consequences/positive or negative/; · give an opinion in connection with doing business or concluding a transaction. We also cooperate with international legal and attorney offices in order to assist our clients in registering legal entities and getting legal services in foreign countries.