Ara Zohrabyan

Chair of the Firm

Vahagn Balabekyan

General Director of the Firm

David Danielyan

Deputy General Director

Lilit Grigoryan

Head of International Department



01.05.2021 The greatest enemy will always be hidden in the last place you are looking for. Julius Caesar Roman politician, military leader, historian (c.100-c.45)
01.04.2021 A nation that bypasses the law does not deserve to be called a civilized nation. Wolfgang Goethe German writer, researcher and naturalist (1749-1832)
01.03.2021 The destiny of nations must be sought in the hands of mothers․ GAREGIN NZHDEH  Armenian statesman and military strategist (1886 – 1955)
01.02.2021 The Armenian people are eternal, in all the narrow valleys, in the boundless fields of their longings. HOVHANNES SHIRAZ (1914-1984) Armenian poet